Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VW Scirocco

Being a cynic of new cars, especially those from the 'Dub/Audi group, I'm nonetheless astonished at one of their latest offerings: the new Scirocco. Sure, most auto anoraks are quick to point out that "it's only a Golf," but it's really not. It's not "only a Golf" in the same way that the 'new' Beetle isn't. A mkV Rabbit owner wouldn't be caught dead driving round in a cabby version of the Beetle with even the R32 drivetrain.

The Scirocco is a magnificent piece of design, and it has a stunning interior thanks to the Audi connection. Sure it may have horrendous visibility due to the awkward C-pillar, which is similar in proportion to that of an early-mid 90's Civic. It works in the Civic, it doesn't work in the Scirocco, but that doesn't matter.

The car gets a 197-bhp 2-liter as standard, which is reasonable, but considering the heft of new cars, it's not about to blow anyone out of the water. Still, this powerplant will whisk it from 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, manage 146 mi/hr and 37.2 mpg on the European combined cycle. The first engine is typical of most new car offerings: this is the middle of the range engine; there will be a smaller 160-bhp petrol, a 140-bhp diesel, and most likely something slightly south of the R32 powerplant. The diesel will be offered with the new 7-speed DSG gearbox.

So far there's only two trim levels: standard and GT. GT gets you all sorts of crap to break like useless foglights, a touchscreen CD autochanger (who uses CD's anymore? and who wants to get fingerprints all over a screen?), ABS, ESP, 18" rims, buttons on the steering wheel, 6 airbags, a massive moonroof and leather trim.
Having said that, even if you only plop for the diesel, that awesome metallic green color is available, you can buy real foglights if you need them, on top of that, you'll be driving one of the most beautiful cars on the road--and you'll still get 52 miles to the gallon.

~Sawyer Sutton

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